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Pandemonium burst out!
Election results in favour of Wilders/PVV [Party for Freedom] [1]
The elections polls have spoken the truth! [2]

That's what's happening in this election night:
The PVV victory news goes international, national,
viral, European, wherever in the world.
Apart from some daring souls, the other Parties of the Netherlands react intimidated, warily, evasively.
A party, which tries to match with Wilders [PVV]
by ''Letter to all Nederlanders'' [3], opens the door
slowly to a government alliance with the PVV.
Despite their [false] promise that there is ''zero'' chance for a
coalition with Wilders. [4]

And then the ''election night''
How scary!


While the PVV adherents are feasting in Duch
pubs and so on, hell is breaking out in the
Attacks on Mosques and refugee shelters are set
on fire.
The government reacts ''shocked'', but doesn't take
special measures.
Politician say:
''It will pass by.''
''A few '''lunatics'.........''

The following weeks horror continues:

Innocent  ''non-western' passers by are
being attacked on the streets, muslima's
wearing head scarfs insulted, coffeeshops and
shoarma restaurants are set in fire.....


The first non-western residents, mostly intellectuals,
who struggle against the PVV and held a Plan B
for long, but were called too ''suspicious'', pack their
bags, their laptops and some personal belongings.
A well known writer, medieval historian and progressive
political activist, let her readers and acquaintance known,
far from an island in the sea, that life in the Netherlands
has become unbearable, but that she continues the struggle.
She keeps her word.

An active student, often arrested during demonstrations
and threatened by neo nazi's during the election night
[at the last moment saved by two Surinamese daring souls]
[5], packs her bags.
Someone, who supports refugees, often threatened, receives
a bomb letter during the election night [to no avail,
he is chemist and knows how to handle bombs].
A squatter, known by neo-nazi's.
They all leave.

Also others, who are less of an ''activist'', but feel threatened anyway.
The leader of a political party, who once declared, to
become an ''asylumseeker'', when Wilders came to power.

A journalist, who repeatedly warned against the
danger of Wilders.
A TV presentator, who was a die hard opponent of
A chief editor of a paper, who loved freedom.
And in the weeks to come ''ordinary'' people
begin to pack their bags.
There is not yet a massal departure/flight of non westerners,
but flights to Paramaribo [capital city of
Suriname], Rabat, Akkra and Istanbul [for instance]
are sold frequently.
One way tickets!

Even the Royal Family departs from the Netherlabds!
The King, accompanied by his wife, daughters and
mother [Princess Beatrix, former Queen, who had once\
spoken out against Wilders [7], following the
tradition of his great grandmother Wilhelmina,
as his grandmother Juliana [who left for
England and Canada during World War II] [8]
On Twitter [hoorray! wake up in the 21th century!],
and not by radio, like his greatgrandmother Wilhelmina,
the King declares, he not longer stands behind the State
of Affairs in the Netherlands [taking an oath on the
Constitution, securing equality], since equality prevails
and freedom of religion no longer exists.

But now I am getting ahead of the case, because the King
is only leaving afer the first Wilders measures, the abolishment  of
article 1 of the Constitution [the ''non-discrimination article]
[9], the prohibition of the Koran, the closure of Mosques,
as, last but not least, the reintroduction of the death penalty!
And the death penalty, the King had declared nit to
undersign. [10]

Wonder, if the decision of the King was also motivated
by the fact, that, to appease the wishes of the
''angry white man'', the royal income the State provided, was reduced to zero.........


But luckily there are people, who stay behind, not because
they are forced to [not being famous or lacking the financial means to leave].
But people who stay voluntarily, to wage the battle
against the fascist Wilders regime.

The activist, persecuted and stalked by judicial authorities
for speaking out for freedom, can escape, but stays.
The international blogger, who considers it his duty
of solidarity to stay.
The leader of the union, who states, that not only ''white'' workers have rights.

The refugee activist, who doesn't want to abandon the

Because the measures the new regime takes, are no
Abolishment of all equality.
In the Constitution is now to be read, that
the ''Dutch'' and ''Western'' culture is the leading principle.
The abolishment of freedom of religion.
The Constitution speaks about the ''Jewish-Christian
identity [11], neglecting all the centuries of anti-semitism.
Mosques are closed, Korans forbidden, borders are
closed [besides for non-westerners, who want to leave
the Netherlands of course!], progressive papers and organisations forbidden, progressive activists
are persecuted.
And of course, the reintroduction of the death penalty!
The election program of the fascist is being executed. [13]
Like Nazi Germany of the ''Aryan race?''
Oh, not to forget:
The abolishment of the royal income after when
the King, his wife, daughters and mother leave
the country.

He has not to worry about his other relatives.
His one surviving brother [14] already lives abroad.
And the other members of his family will
folliow soon.

No loss, some people will say.
That may be, but the circumstances of their
departures are!

He doesn't have to worry about his other family members:
His one surviving brother [14] lives already abroad.
His other family members soon will follow
in exile.



Did I exaggerate with my horror scenario?
Let's hope so.

But it will come to reality, sofar as the PVV is concerned.

Let's have a closer look to this xenophobic party:


From the beginning Wilders and his party waged a witch hunt
against muslims, non-western residents and refugees.[15]
And it became extremer and extremer.
An example:
Wilders garbage piece ''Enough is enough. Forbid the Koran'' [16]
Then there was the socalled ''Moroccan debate'' in parliament,
of course instigated by the PVV, by which all Moroccons
were considered as ''criminal'' [17]

Regular politicians, SHAME TO YOU, to  have permitted
such a debate without any protest! [18]

You should have refused to even debate about this.
Moroccan problem?
Ir reminds me of ''Judenfrage''................ .[19]

Lots of examples can be given:
For instance the Wilders ''less Moroccans'' scandal [20]
which lead to many protests. [21]
And eventually a condemnation by the judge. [22]

But as a real fascist Wilders knows no measure:
The next step was the closure of Mosques, closures
of all Islamic schools and the prohibition of the
Koran! [23]
Hardcore religious persecution!



And then the political connections of Wilders:

With the Pegida neo nazi'a [24], where he held
a speech on 13 april 2015, in Dresden. [25]

Relations with scary extreme right wing clubs as
Le Front National and co [26]


In 2015 Wilders began actively to spark hatred
against refugees, coming from war stricken
He called them testosteronbombs and vehemently
pleaded for closing all borders, a notorious
PVV song. [27]
He also called the refugee crisis an ''Islamic invasion''
Not content yet, he stated, that all male refugees must
be locked up in asylumcamps for fear of a ''sexual Jihad''
Realize, dear Readers, that no crime was committed!

He called on the people to resist ''peacefully'' against
the coming of refugees in their town/village [30],
thus co responsible for outbursts of violence against
refugees, which took place. [31]



Neither his own colleagues in parliament, or
the parliament itself, from which Wilders is a member, can rejoice in Wilders political friendship.
He called parliament a ''fake parliament [32]
not once, but several times.

And he is a direct threat to the formal democracy,
since he has predicted ''a revolt'' if the PVV is not
in the next coalition.......[33]

Wilders said [I quote Dutchnews]

‘My call is, was and remains that other political parties will have to work with the PVV,’ Wilders told Nos. ‘No one will be able to explain why if that does not happen. I think the public will rebel.’ [34]

And then he has the guts, to hope, that ''the revolt''
will be democratic and without violence. [35]

YEAH RIGHT........


A grandmother sits on the beach, in a far island,
watching the play of her grandchildren.

A student is finishing her study and thinks of her people
in her homeland.

A refugee activist works with refugees in a new land.

A squatter lives in a new living community, in another
land and tries to hack the institutions of a fascist regime.

Non westerners see their families again, in their land of


So futurologist Celente has right anyway..... [34]
Or not.

Is this the way it will be?

But don't underestimate those who stay.

THEY FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
Untill the fascist Beast is beaten.

It could happen like this.


We stop the fascist and cause his splendid election

If not:


In the Netherlands, or somewhere else.

Astrid Essed

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Re: Dutch elections 2017/PVV in power or not/Terror reign or freedom

Als Wilders het haalt ziet het er niet goed uit voor de vrede en veiligheid in shwiti Ptata.

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Re: Dutch elections 2017/PVV in power or not/Terror reign or freedom

Ach, Europa heeft geen islam noch moslims nodig om haar te euthanaseren.
Ze doet zelf aan kannibalisme. Momenteel wordt Griekenland financieel uitgekleed en afgeslacht en niemand zegt Piieeeep. Want alle aandacht wordt afgeleid door de islam baja.

En het volk is verblind door bling bling prang prang euro en heeft een hode dunk van zich zelf baja.

Ene schijnheil hier doet voorkomen alsof hij in het buitenland woont baja.

De caviaar etende socialisten van Syriza hebben hun land verraden en in de uitverkoop gehouden.

Duitsland heeft vrijwel alle schuldpapieren in handen.
Het land is letterlijk aan het doodbloeden op moreel, sociaal en economisch vlak.

Gezondheidszorg is niet meer vrij toegankelijk, zwaar geprivatiseerd en niet betaalbaar (deze kant gaan we ook op in Nederland; laat Willy Wortel het roer maar overnemen dan zullen we het merken).
Pensioenen zijn 5x gereduceerd. Het was al amper genoeg om rond te komen maar is daarnaast nog eens 50% verlaagd.
Vele sociale zekerheden zijn opgegeven zoals onderwijs dat vrijwel volledig geprivatiseerd is.
Legioenen mensen leven van voedselbonnen.

De criminele bende van IMF, ECB en de EU commissie bepalen het lot van 800 miljoen Europeanen en momenteel krijgen de Grieken er met de stok van langs.

Griekenland draagt al haar staats eigendommen zoals publieke infrastructuur, luchthavens, zeehavens, openbare stranden, natuurlijke hulpbronnen etc. voor 99 jaar over in handen van de EU maffia het zogenaamde Europese Stabiliteit Fonds die het vrij staat om alles te privatiseren of voor dumpprijzen weg te doen. De waarde van dit fonds dat opzettelijk ondergewaardeerd is op 50 miljard is in de tussentijd door deze maffia nog meer gedevalueerd met 10 tot 15 miljard en de Griekse schuld inmiddels opgelopen naar 350 miljard Euro. Het Stabiliteit Fonds is aan niemand verantwoording schuldig.
Ordinaire roof dus.

Economisch fascisme open en bloot in het daglicht en onder de ogen van de Europese burger; helaas is deze burger zo braindead dat hij niets meer kan onderscheiden dan alleen maar moslims.

Oeng tang teki baja. Moro e doro. PVV zal ons helpen baja. 5 x per dag bidden en weesgegroetjes doen dan komt het wel goed.

Wees toch flink, stem op Groen Links.
Stem op Klaver, heb je tenminste een bordje haver in plaats van papaver.
Met de PVV belanden we allemaal in de plee

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices”
"George Orwell"

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Re: Dutch elections 2017/PVV in power or not/Terror reign or freedom

MIJN ADVIES: STEMT ALLEN P.V.V. en maak de PVV de grootste; yes yes yes

Die domme boerkazeug van een astrid SZ. Als ik in NL woonde zou ik zeer zeker PVV stemmen. PVV is de enige partij in NL die NIET wegkijkt van het grootste gevaar voor de mensheid en haar beschaving, dat wat de islam is. Wat kanker is voor een levend wezen, is de islam voor de wereld en haar >>beschaving<< Ik kan het weten, want ik heb de koraan van kaft tot kaft gelezen en bestudeerd. Nog hou ik elke dag weer het uitzaaien van deze vorm van kanker in de gaten.

Juist de islam is PUUR FACISME vermomd als godsdienst. Zij beweert dat er een god zou zijn (de god-zonder-naam) die deze mafketels aanstuurt en aanraadt: "Doodt alle mensen die op een andere manier in mij geloven": wat een clown's nummer is deze god. Hoe zal ik het zeggen: "Die sukkels geloven in jou, beste brave(???) god-zonder-naam, maar jij vindt dat het anders moet. Ze moeten, zo wil jij, in jou geloven gaan, zoals mogammet de moordenaar dat vindt". Wat een giller, is die god zonder naam. 

Hoeveel doden moeten er eerst nog vallen voor de mensen Wilders gelijk zullen geven? Nog drie doden? nog drieduizend doden? nog acht miljoen doden? of moet ik aan enkele miljarden van doden denken? Met zo een vloek van een god, hebben wij toch zeker geen duivel of satan meer nodig. Wat een geluk dat de god-zonder-naam niet bestaat en ook nooit bestaan heeft. Hoe lang zou het mogen duren voor de sukkels het door hebben: het sprookje van god. De hemel, god, 72 hoeren (voor elke djihadist) of 72 batterijtjes (voor elke boerkazeug). Ook voor de hemel wensen zij overbevolking:: een giller, dit sprookje voor volwassenen.

Als prika's eens wisten welk woord gebruikt wordt in arabische dialecten om hun uit te duiden. Als zij dat wisten zouden ze allemaal op PVV stemmen.

MIJN ADVIES: STEMT ALLEN P.V.V. en maak de PVV de grootste; yes yes yes

Ko' u' trei f'tachi na-in na krutu, sondro fu go mech trôbi, m'e beg' unu baya. smile

Re: Dutch elections 2017/PVV in power or not/Terror reign or freedom

Ach, het zal wel niet zo een vaart lopen mocht Willy Coyote winnen.

Net terug van het stemhokje.

Ik liet een app door circuleren wat ik van vrienden gekregen had met daarop een smiley met (zo uit mijn hoofd; tel. is nu aan het opladen) de tekst: als je vandaag niet stemt moet je de komende 4 jaar niet zeuren.

Mijn middelste zoon (gemeente ambtenaar) reageerde met: pa bedankt, maar ik stem niet. Het is toch allemaal een corrupt en opportunistisch zootje.

En; laat Wilders maar proberen mij het land uit te zetten, hi,hi,hi.

Overigens zijn al mijn kinderen atheïst en allemaal hier goed geïntegreerd.

Gepensioneerde Papa neemt zijn fatu en kiek hier op de racisten, islamofoben en wat dies meer zij op WKN big_smile

Ik heb nu gestemd en verlaat dit land voor betere oorden. De eng denkende mannetjes en vrouwtjes zullen opgelucht zijn; geen last meer van Anjoe tongue

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices”
"George Orwell"