Topic: New student and site user. I am 27 and have 2 dui's.

have a few questions and much needed answers hopefully from you guys. I am 27 years old registered for my first semester of hvac-r classes and I am concerned about if I should even attempt this with one of the dui's in 05' and one in 09'. I spoke to an instructor and they said that insurance companies typically go back 3-5 years on driving records. I am really just wondering if it's worth the time and effort if I am just gonna get shunned for past mistakes. I don't mess around anymore when it comes to drinking or driving I have a few other infractions on my record as well like 2 speeding tickets ( years ago) and leaving the scene of an accident ( also years ago). What do you think my chances are of being able to be insured by a company?? have you or anyone you know ever had any similar circumstances?? thanks for your time I really need some answers A.S.A.P if at all possible.