Topic: Best Value Local SEO Platform?

So I'm in the middle of a re-evaluation of the current state of Local SEO platforms and boy have some grown their feature set in a well thought-out way and others have glaring holes. Wondering opinions of other people on who the current "leader" is? This is some of the main criteria I evaluate on?

1. A table formatted citation status listing that includes some sort of authority rank Moz/DA/Alexa and covers say the top 20 directories.

Appears Brightlocal does this the best. Moz is interesting as it appears they have acknowledged that all you shoud be concerned with is a handful of the top data sources including the aggregators and the a few top directories whereas the other services like to give you the impression you really need their service because there's dozens of directories you're not in (that don't really matter - but they of course won't indicate that.) I was excited about Tribelocal due to the very clean interface and pricing structure but they don't show status for all directories I keep track of, they just give a submit option so you don't know if you are already in the directory! I think it is Yext and/or Whitespark don't give you any domain authority indicators so there's no way to sort the list and I think one of them doesn't even use a list format.

2. Can they track local keyword rankings for the location's city with good reporting and automated daily/weekly monitoring?

3. Do they make submitting citiations as easy as possibly by prefilling the forms as much as possible and using an API for submission as opposed to just sending you to the directory's website submit page?

4. Import of Google GMB listings. This is a huge time saver if you have a lot of locations to manage.

Re: Best Value Local SEO Platform?

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